What is your waitlist policy?

If you are interested in obtaining a spot at N’sheemaehn, your first step is to add yourself to our waitlist. Please download the waitlist form under the “Contact and Fees” tab and email it to childcare.utsc@utoronto.ca. N’sheemaehn maintains separate waitlists for each program and each are subject to the priority order (1. current family 2. U of T 3. community). Parents will be notified of spaces available in accordance with their waitlist placement. Once children are enrolled they will move to the next age group when they are of age to do so and there is space available.

What are your operating hours? What happens if a parent is late?

N’sheemaehn’s general operating hours are 7:30-6 P.M., Monday to Friday.

Our Centre closes at 6:00 P.M. and all families must exit the building by this time. If you know you are going to be later than this, please call the centre. This enables the staff to prepare the child and get him/her involved in activities.  If the staff have not received a phone call by 6:10 P.M. staff will begin to call all family contact numbers and emergency numbers.  At 6:30 P.M. the Director will be notified.  At 7:00 P.M. we have a legal obligation to call Children’s Aid. There is a $1.00/minute fee associated with late pick up.

What are your staff qualifications? What is your turnover rate?

All of N’sheemaehn’s full-time classroom staff are Registered Early Childhood Educators and some of our part time staff are as well. They are all First Aid/CPR certified and have passed a vulnerable sector screening clearing them to work with young children. Each of our staff members demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development; many of our teachers have gone on to obtain additional qualifications in special needs resource training, education, and staff management. Staffing consistency is one of N’sheemaehn’s greatest priorities – many of our staff have worked in our centre for ten years or more!

What health and safety measures are in place?

N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre follows all infection prevention and control measures required by Toronto Public Health and the Ministry of Education. Each room is equipped with a HEPA filter and ventilation is increased through the opening of windows. Staff may wear PPE based on their comfort level.

If any child or staff is exhibiting symptoms of a communicable illness, we require them to follow the guidelines provided to us by Toronto Public Health and the Ministry of Education which, dependent on the type and severity of symptoms, may include staying home, seeking medical attention, or getting tested for COVID-19 with centre-provided Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT kits).

What will my child do throughout the day?

Your child will have the opportunity to engage in different art, sensory, literacy, science, cognitive, dramatic, musical, and construction activities on any given day. Weather permitting, the children will also go outside for two hours a day as per Ministry requirements, where they will engage in active play and nature exploration. As your child grows and moves through our different programs, the activities will grow with them in challenge and complexity.

N’sheemaehn is very fortunate to be situated on the UTSC campus where our children can enjoy the natural world in their very own backyard. In addition to time in our playgrounds, the children are also invited to take nature walks to explore and appreciate the world around them – sometimes we even get a glimpse of some shy animal friends!

When will my child move to the next age group?

When a space becomes available in the next age group, children in the younger age group will be graduated based on age and developmental readiness. If space is not available, the child will remain in the age group at their current rate until spaces open up.

What is your illness policy?

Our illness policies adapt to uphold current local public health guidance. At times, parents may be required to keep their child at home for a set period, seek a diagnosis from a healthcare professional, or obtain COVID-19 testing if necessary.

When does toilet training occur?

Toilet training occurs when your child demonstrates that they are ready. Every child develops different skills at their own pace, and it is important that children feel supported to learn this complex skill without feeling pressured. Toilet training is a process. Some signs that your child is ready for toilet training include having a dry diaper for long periods of time throughout the day, and indicating or communicating that they need to relieve themselves.

Is food prepared onsite or is it catered in? Can you accommodate allergies/dietary restrictions?

Our meals and snacks are catered in by Wholesome Kids Catering. Their menus are reviewed and approved by a registered dietitian and are culturally diverse, introducing children to many different ingredients, textures, and flavours. Alternative meals and snacks are provided to children with allergies and/or dietary restrictions. All food is cooked in a facility that is nut free, pork free, and shellfish free.

We do not allow outside food being brought into the Centre due to potential allergies/restrictions.

How do staff communicate with parents?

Parents will receive updates on their children’s day through the HiMama app, with a full report being sent each evening after school. The report will include your child’s meals, toileting routines (infant and toddler only), nap, activities, and any notes your child’s teachers may have for you. Parents can send messages to the teachers through HiMama as well keeping in mind that the staff’s main priority during the day is their interactions with the children. They will respond to inquiries when they are able to do so.

What do I do if I have concerns about my child’s development?

As a parent, it’s natural to be concerned about your child’s development. It’s important to remember that each child grows at their own pace, in their own time, and that each child’s unique spirit, abilities, and personality is a part of what makes them unique. However, if you and/or your child’s teachers have concerns based on a child missing milestones typical of their age group and/or exhibiting behaviours that seem out of the ordinary, we have the ability to connect with a resource consultant from Toronto Children’s Services. This will only be done with a parent’s full consent after learning about the service and how it can benefit both home and daycare.