About Us

Nestled in the woods at the UTSC, N’sheemaehn Child Care Centre provides early education and care for 54 children. Every day learning through play in a professional, nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment helps children develop skills and strategies to thrive today and self-govern through their lifetime.

Our Staff

At N’sheemaehn, we pride ourselves on having a dedicated group of staff that exemplify warmth, expertise, and a commitment to continuous professional learning. All of our full-time staff are Registered Early Childhood Educators and many possess additional qualifications that support the team.

The average period of service for our teachers is more than 10 years, and several others have been here for 15 years or more.  One of our staffing priorities is to ensure stability of care for the children at our Centre. Staff retention is a good indication of dedication and job satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

At N’sheemaehn, we believe that child care must provide experiences which invite children’s wonder and curiosity, stimulate creativity, satisfy the desire to explore and discover, and support children’s development at their individual stage and pace. We believe that each child is not only developmentally unique, but engages in learning experiences that happen at individually optimum times. The staff of N’sheemaehn attempt to challenge and support each child’s unique patterns of interest, talent, and ability, and build an environment that fosters each child’s self-esteem, independence, and self-discipline.

We believe that children develop best in a social setting. We encourage children to demonstrate their feelings and needs through interaction and cooperation with peers and adults. Children are taught to recognize that their actions have consequences, and learn skills that help them to solve interpersonal conflicts with minimal adult intervention. We also encourage children to understand and have respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers, and their environment.

N’sheemaehn is grateful to be a part of a diverse group and tremendously values the contributions of our families, staff, and community. Each family represented at N’sheemaehn is part of what makes our centre special and whole.