Ratio: 3:10

Licensed capacity: 10

Our infant schedule combines flexibility and structure. With large eye-level windows, our children are able to peer directly into our forests all year round and observe the natural world with wonder. Heated floors and soft climbing equipment welcome rolling, crawling, walking, and climbing. Separate areas for rest and play ensure that children’s individual schedules can be accommodated as they are gently transitioned to a more structured routine as they grow.

In our infant program, emphasis is placed on building strong attachment with our educators as they warmly respond to children’s physical and verbal cues. In addition, our teachers plan curriculum that fosters the children’s exploration and curiosity and provides ample opportunities for emotional, language, and motor development.


Ratio: 1:5

Licensed capacity: 2 rooms of 10

As the children grow into toddlerhood, our program offers them increasing opportunities to explore the world with their body, mind, and senses. Our toddler classrooms are cozy, inviting spaces filled with soft areas and natural tones that promote a sense of calm during programming times. Our educators create curriculum that build on children’s interests and emerging skills, identifying their strengths and what they have yet to learn. As toddlers are learning to assert themselves and regulate their emotions, the children are provided with support and tools to learn new vocabulary and label their emotions.  They are encouraged to express themselves positively and respectfully and are redirected using positive behaviour guidance strategies. Our indoor and outdoor play environments provide the children with the physical challenges they need to exert and build physical literacy and kinesthetic awareness. Expect some bumps, scrapes, and bruises – it’s all a part of learning!


Ratio: 1:8

Licensed capacity: 24

Our preschool program invites children to inquire, hypothesize, test their theories, and collaborate with each other as they learn and grow. We support the children in developing a strong sense of self through opportunities to express their ideas, collaborate with others and to develop their self-help skills during eating, dressing, and toileting routines. Our preschoolers are offered a rich array of art, literacy, sensory, science, cognitive, and construction activities based on their interests and skills.  These learning opportunities build a strong foundation for more complex learning as they grow. Through play, the children learn to solve conflicts positively and respectfully, combine their strengths and perspectives to achieve common goals, and build an inclusive classroom community that values each member.

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